Who we are

Our Vision

We aim to provide platforms for people to leverage on and shine.

Our Mission

Committed to developing
the human capacity: children, youth, adults, and the underrepresented groups and their inclusion in the technology field


About Guhtac

Guhtac is born out of the passion for making a difference in the lives of children, youth, and adults. Our name is coined from the expression of Give us him/her; Then A Chance. This is because we believe that if any child is given the correct training and opportunity, he/she can make a resounding impact in the world. We aim to provide free personal development in technology – data analysis, data science, data engineering, database, and software development. We also provide free mentorship for graduate applications and landing those fully funded admissions through our Guhtac Scholar Program

Meet our founder

JohnPaul Chisom Adimonyemma

“My dream at Guhtac is to provide great value and a platform for people to excel and shine. My story and background have spurred me to do this. To me, this is a mission I have to accomplish. Humanity deserves better.”

Meet Guhtac Fouder

Let’s build the world together by helping everybody shine.

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